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Behaviour in Spaces
Surface Finishes
Interior Components and Systems 1
Interior Components and Systems 2
Interior Design Practice & Office Management 1
Interior Design Practice & Office Management 2
Interior Design Practice & Office Management 3
Space Perception
Interior Climate and Design for comfort
Interior Design Alterations and Renovations

These notes in the form of lectures series, are for Interior Design students and professionals. The notes have evolved from my experience in this field as a practising Interior Designer (since 1970s), and as an Interior Design faculty (1991-2013).

Few series/sections/chapters are presented here in PDF and HTML formats. The PDF files show my presentation format, and are print-ready. Some of the notes however, appear only as a series/chapter titles, but can be available to genuine users on personal request.

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about : Gautam Shah is a consultant Interior Designer based at Ahmedabad, India, since 1970, and a former Faculty with school of Interior Design, Faculty of Design, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India.

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